subject or syllabus for bcom part 2 of c.g group

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

respected sir,
      my name is priya kumari.i am student of your university.sir i need some help regarding my syllabus for bcom part2 the subject which i have to read in this year imean part2.and my group is cg group,which creates lot of problem related during subject teaching.due to this i am not confrm of my total subject in bcom part 1st year it was also totally confusion but somehow i mangaed and paased that year,but this time i need your help,please forward me subject list which i have to read in my university paper in bcom part2 for cg gpour which is also known as corporate group.
                                  i will be very thankful for please send me the soft copy of my subject on my mail id which is given i can start my study as soon as.i will be waiting because my classes are yet not started because of my subject.

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Anonymous answered 2 years ago

1.Specialised accounting 2. business law 3. Planning and economic development 4. Money and banking 5. R.B Hindi

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